Tips for a successful threesome arrangement

Advice for making a 3Some Arrangement work

For a lot of strong, open-minded women the traditional dating arrangement simply does not meet their current wants, needs or desires. Too many flakes, no true romantics or gentlemen, too much drama, too much stress and pressure….and no girls to play with.
On the other side are sexually adventurous couples looking to push the boundaries and ‘spice up’ their sex life. The lady in most of these couples also is open/interested/curious/bisexual to an opportunity to enjoy another woman. Of course, any guy in his right mind just says ‘yes’ and let’s his lady play…hoping that he will get to play also.
A 3Some Arrangement can be a comfortable, organized, safe way to create and enjoy a 3-way relationship that can be the best of both worlds.
But there are lots of dangers and pitfalls since we are talking about people, relationships and sex.
A 3Some Arrangement done right, is not pay for play or any kind of prostitution. It will be a mutually beneficial relationship that is just that, a relationship.
Done right, everyone knows their role and all the boundaries. This discussion and agreement can set the stage for no-drama, fun play with everyone getting something they need or want.

Take a moment to read the tips below. Hopefully they will help you as you take the step to turn your 3Some fantasy into 3Some reality.

Tip #1 Honest Profiles

  • Nothing kills the chemistry faster for a Couple or a Unicorn, when they are seeking a 3some Arrangement, than discovering that information, statements or pictures on your profile is bogus or extremely outdated.
  • Resist the urge to embellish your profile. We all want to look our best but that creates a natural inclination to embellish. Don’t.
  • Honesty and trust are the cornerstones of a successful arrangement. When you find the perfect Couple or Unicorn, you will regret anything that may jeopardize everyone’s trust.
  • Remember, the one thing very few people are honest about is their age. Everyone fudges a bit, so don’t be surprised and don’t make that one thing a deal breaker.
  • Tip #2 Proceed Carefully

    • Think about and decide what your comfort level is before you start engaging and try to stay in that comfort level throughout your discussions, meetings and arrangements.
    • Be careful not to disclose too much personal information in your first conversations.
    • Always think about it before providing cell phone numbers or anything else you may regret later.
    • Once you get comfortable, set up the first face-to-face meeting to find out if everyone is who they say they are, they look like their pictures and if any chemistry exists between all of the players.
    • The goal is to establish a solid level of comfort and understanding of everyone’s wants, needs and desires…but always keep your ‘personal’ boundaries in place.
    • Tip #3 First Meeting Safety

      The first meeting with the 3some Arrangement Couple or Unicorn should be in a comfortable, public place. Unicorns should have a confidant/friend that knows about the meeting, just in case. There’s no need to be paranoid but when meeting someone, anyone, for the first time in a public place, it is just basic common sense to let someone else know where you are going and when you’ll return. You can set up an “I’m OK” call or text for about fifteen minutes into the date so your lifeline knows you’re safe. If you decide to go to another locale with the 3some Arrangement Couple then take your own ride. If the 3some Arrangement Couple is understanding, and most of them are, they will be OK your precautions and be sensitive to the fact that you need to feel safe. NEVER give into pressure to do anything you don’t want to do.

      Tip #4 Interested in Someone? Share Current Pix

      To set correct expectations, we recommend that you exchange PLENTY of pictures up front. Couples and Unicorns alike have very specific tastes, and there is absolutely no point in providing pictures of yourself that are three years old or ones that really don’t look like you. Inversely, the Couple should reciprocate as well, without hesitation. One of the first warning signs to be on the lookout for is if Couple claims they doesn’t have any recent pictures. If the 3some Arrangement Couple or Unicorn is serious about establishing an arrangement, then they are going to come prepared with at least 3 to 5 recent photos. If not, then be cautious and maintain realistic expectations. There are Couples and Unicorns that do want to simply cut down on the back and forth and meet early on. But if you need to see more photos don’t hesitate to ask, keep in mind that about 90% of the population is walking around with a camera on their cell phone. EVERYONE has recent pictures of themselves.

      Tip #5 This is About Mutually Beneficial Relationships

      Be forthright in what you are looking for from your 3some Arrangement. That is the great thing about having a successful 3Some Arrangement, everyone is clear about what their wants, needs and desires are. A Unicorn should be open, honest and realistic about her needs, particularly financial. Don’t hesitate to establish your needs and your boundaries right up front. Couples should also communicate the same to the Unicorn. The communication process in 3Some Arrangements is probably more accelerated than what you are accustomed to but get used to it; that’s the best part of seeking a 3some Arrangement. The need to mince words has been replaced by a frank and honest discussion about who needs what in order to be happy.

      Tip #6 Establish Trust in the 3Some Arrangement

      If the 3some Arrangement Couple or Unicorn comes off shady online then trust your instincts; they probably are. Anything that starts out poorly, doesn’t get any better, it only gets worse. A mutually beneficial relationship is not a one-night stand, it’s a relationship built on trust, confidentiality and give and take. But give and take doesn’t work when one person is always doing the giving and the other is always doing the taking. Mutually beneficial relationships are a two-way street. Either you are all on the same page when the relationship is established or the arrangement is most likely doomed.

      Tip #7 We Value Our Unicorns

      We strive to keep Unicorns safe and comfortable and encourage feedback from any Unicorns who have had a negative experience with a prospective 3some Arrangement Couple. If you don’t speak up when there is an issue then you are potentially putting another Unicorn in harm’s way. Report anything noteworthy, whether it is positive or negative, and everyone benefits.

      Tip #8 If It Seems Too Good to be True…It Probably Is

      Beware of Couples or Unicorns who come on too strong or offer gifts/experiences that just sound too good to be true. If a 3some Arrangement is already willing to buy you a new car in return for you moving in with them, and you haven’t even met yet, be seriously skeptical. Sure, there are plenty of Couples who are financially capable of lavishing you in cars and jewelry, but never ignore your instincts regardless of what 3some Arrangement Couple puts on the table, NO MATTER HOW TEMPTING. If a 3some Arrangement Couple is genuinely willing to hook you up with a lavish gift, they should be willing to do so in a couple of weeks once you have all agreed on the terms of the 3Some Arrangement.

      Tip #9 Use Common Sense and Be Safe

      Don’t forget tips #1 through #8 and you’ll do just fine.
      The above are not hard fast rules. They are more accurately tips, suggestions or just simple guidance to make sure your 3some Arrangement experience is all that you imagined it would be, if not even more. Be polite, but stand your ground. Be assertive, but not pushy. Most importantly, be yourself and not who you think your 3some Arrangement Couple/Unicorn wants you to be.