What is a threesome arrangement?

It Should Be Honest, Enjoyable and Mutually Beneficial

Arranged relationships are the most successful because they are grounded in reality; the Couple and the Unicorn spell out what they need to make her life better. If what the 3Some Arrangement Couple can provide is in sync with what the Unicorn requires, the arrangement works. There is simply no better platform for a relationship than one built on trust, communication and honesty.

Successful Couples who know what they want out of life don’t have time to waste pursuing dead end relationships. They have too much self-respect to participate in the frustrating and time consuming practice of traditional dating and many Couples aren’t ready to play in the world of swinger couples. As far as they are concerned, a 3Some Arrangement can be one of the few things that make sense in the dating world.

More accurately stated, 3Some Arrangements are about trust and honesty. Although sex is indeed a part of the equation, most of our members consider companionship and fun to be equal or higher priorities. There is no exchange of money for sex on 3someArrangements.com. There is, however, a bustling commerce between those with more than they need sharing with those who need a little financial boost.

How do 3some arrangement relationships begin?

The process is simple. Couples and Unicorns begin the communication process through the 3someArrangements.com, generally e-mailing one another and then graduating to phone or in-person contact. If there is chemistry between the Couple and the Unicorn then the parameters of the relationship are discussed. The two then discuss, and ultimately agree upon, what each expects out of the relationship, including financial consideration.