7 Essentials To Finding A Sugar Baby Unicorn

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There’s plenty of articles and blogs about how to be a good Sugar baby, or as it’s called in a mutually beneficial threesome arrangement, a Unicorn. There are far less resources when it comes to being a desirable Couple, so many Couples are left looking for a willing Unicorn for months or years with little success.

Unicorns, bi-sexual or bi-curious females interested in having threesomes, are highly sought after. Therefore, they have a plethora of options when it comes to choosing a Couple.

To have a chance at catching the attention of a quality Unicorn, you’ll have to make sure you set yourselves apart from the crowd. You may not like to hear this, but because of the steep competition, you’re going to have to make a concentrated effort to attract the perfect Unicorn. And, it’s unlikely that a sexy, smart, charming Unicorn will want to be your on-call “sex toy” without a true connection, and most likely…some level of additional benefits.

Here are 7 essential steps to making yourselves more attractive in the eyes of your ideal Unicorn third.


  1. Meet her standards.

    A mutually beneficial threesome arrangement is not an escort situation; mutual attraction is important. You and your partner have specific preferences and so will your Unicorn. No matter what your body type is, present yourselves as living a healthy, active lifestyle. When it is time for your meet-and-greet and any following dates, be sure to practice excellent hygiene. Smell nice, have fresh breath, clean nails, and dress to impress your Unicorn.

  2. Charm her.

    While this usually isn’t a traditional romantic dating scenario, you definitely need to romance your Unicorn! Be funny, charismatic, and a bit flirty. Give her respectful compliments and be sure she feels wanted and desired. Avoid anything that would make her feel pressured or uncomfortable and remember to talk about her needs and desires, too. Sometimes Couples are concerned with their own desires only, which is a huge turn off to a Unicorn. And as you know, all Unicorns have options.

  3. Make a connection.

    A mutually beneficial threesome arrangement is a thing all its own, but is similar to a friend-with-benefits situation. If you’d like your 3some arrangement to be ongoing, you’ll need to have a fun connection with your Unicorn. An arrangement relationship is not a romantic polyamorous relationship, though. Arrangements are planned out and agreed to in advance, along with decided upon limitations. This helps eliminate drama along the way. So, don’t bring your Unicorn into any relationship drama you have with your primary partner. Drama and conflict is a recipe for disaster. When you’re with her, it’s all fun and smiles.

  4. Respect her privacy.

    We all have our own personal privacy standards. Some Unicorns may be open to a closer, poly-like relationship at some point, but most will not. Some Unicorns may want to call upon her Couple for personal advice, and some will want to keep their private lives very private. So, be open with her about your comfort level and how personal or private you want the arrangement to be. It’s important for everyone to be on the same page when it comes to limits and privacy expectations.

  5. Make it mutually beneficial.

    This is the point most Couples have trouble accepting, which is why they remain on an endless search for a Unicorn. A Unicorn is not an escort, but she’s also not an equal polyamorous relationship partner either. That means she’s probably not going to get the intimacy, cuddling, or emotional support you share with your partner. So, you need to reward her in some other way. This doesn’t have to mean financial support, it could mean gifts, fancy and exciting dates, travel, help with her education and business, or something else unique you have to offer.

  6. Talk about sex.

    Threesomes are no different than most things in life, open and honest communication is of the utmost importance. When you go on your meet-and-greet with your Unicorn and discuss arrangement benefits, you’ll also want to discuss the intimate part of the arrangement at the same time. It’s important to talk about the sexual desires and boundaries of all three people involved before the first, official date. Some things to discuss:

    • Will girl-on-girl play be the opening act or the main attraction?
    • If it’s the opening act, at what point does the male become involved?
    • If it’s the main attraction, will the male partner be involved at all?
    • Do you or your Unicorn have any specific fantasies or requests?
    • What are your boundaries as a Couple?
    • What are her boundaries as a Unicorn?
    • How will the three of you practice safe sex?
  7. Meet her needs.

    We all have needs. You should know your needs as a Couple before you arrive at your meet-and-greet, and your Unicorn’s needs before your first official date. Check in after the first date and make sure everyone is enjoying the arrangement and still happy with the terms. Once you take all these tips into account, Unicorns will be happy to discover that you and your partner are a great catch!


If you are serious about making your threesome fantasy a 3some reality, a mutually beneficial arrangement will get you there much faster.


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Originally posted on http://findaunicorn.net.