FAQs For 3SomeArrangments.com

Find a Unicorn for your threesome

What do I do after I sign-up?

After you sign-up, you should enhance your profile by adding photos and and any additional details about who you are and what you are looking for that members will find enticing. You can edit your details at any time for free. Our research has shown that completing your profile significantly boosts your chances of having success on 3SomeArrangements.

How long does it take for my profile to be approved?

Profiles are submitted for review after the registration process is complete. In order to ensure both quality and authenticity, member created profiles and content may take up to 24 hours to be approved during peak times, weekends, and holidays.

Why was my profile denied?

All profiles must meet our guidelines. Empty profiles (i.e., profiles where description of yourself or what you are looking for is blank) will be denied. In addition to making sure that profiles have meaningful content, profiles cannot contain personal contact information – including email, phone number, address or websites. Our staff members read all submitted profiles, so please do not try to code your contact information into the text of your message. We will find it and your profile will be denied.
Public profile content cannot contain what we consider to be explicit and/or pornographic language or pictures. Any such content that is not contained in ‘Private’ sections of your profile will provide grounds to deny your profile.

Why was my photograph denied?

Please make sure that the photograph you submit meets our guidelines. The first photograph you submit must be a picture of yourself. Photos which have nothing to do with you (for example, a scenery or animal) will be denied. Copyrighted photographs or pictures of celebrities will be denied. All profile photographs must be G-rated — that means absolutely no nudity. Create a private album of your XXX pics or other photos you don’t want seen by anyone but those on your Friends list.

Why can’t I access my account? I did not cancel.

Your account may be suspended, canceled, or deleted without prior notice if you are found violating our Terms of Service. Examples of such violations include spamming, suspicious activities, use of a stolen credit card, harassing other members, advertising other services, or other abuses.

Why am I not able to login with my username/password?

There may be many reasons why you are unable to login with a correct username or password.

First, be sure to check that you have spelled your username correctly. Also, retry your password.

If you tried that, and you are still unable to log into the system, please send an email to support@3somearrangements.com and describe the problem you’re experiencing.

Will 3someArrangements.com show on my credit card statement?

No. Our billing is totally anonymous. CCBill handles all credit card transactions for 3SomeArrangements.com.

Do you pre-screen Members? Do you perform criminal background checks?

We do not pre-screen Members and do not endorse any profile on this system. Always be safe and mindful of what you are doing. Having fun should not expose you to unnecessary risks. Professional escort services and prostitution is specifically banned on 3SomeArrangments.com. We monitor for such activity, but we cannot guarantee to catch and remove 100% of those individuals who access our site. Remember, everyone you initially meet on this system will be a stranger to you. Be careful and please report any members that you feel are not abiding by the terms of us of this site.


Can I block another member from contacting me?

Yes. To block a member, open their profile details page and click on the ‘Block’ icon at the bottom of the profile. Once you Block a member, he or she will not be able to send you any more messages.

How do I remove a member from my Block list?

Login to your profile and click on the “Account Settings” page to view your Block list. Now, just click The “Remove” tab beside the member you wish to unblock.

What should I do if I think I have been scammed?

If you think you have been a victim of a scam please read the following suggestions

• Cease all communication to avoid losing any more money or giving away any more personal information

• Contact our Support department immediately by either e-mail.

• Contact your financial institution and have any credit card, account numbers or passwords you provided changed immediately.

• Contact your local Police if the person is threatening you or trying to blackmail you to any extent.

• Be cautious of anyone who contacts you after as some scammers will create a new identity to contact you again.

Overall you should always be cautious of anyone asking you to move communication off our site within the first few times you talk.

How do I cancel my account?

Login to your account, click on “Account” and then select the “Cancel” link. You will be taken to the ‘Cancel’ form for CCBill, our credit card processing company. Please do not write to us to request cancellation of your account. Members must cancel their own accounts.