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How To Find A Unicorn. Fast!

A very stressful shopping expedition had me running to my laptop to write this post to all you unicorn hunters out there. You see, I accompanied a friend on what was supposed to be a relaxing and fun shopping trip in the neighborhood, and ended up in another city, 45 minutes away, having survived horrendous traffic and Texas heat. The thing is, my friend insisted she had to have a certain piece of home decor. She dragged me from store


How To Find A Unicorn. Fast! Part Two.

Hey, unicorn hunters. All we want is to have a good time and make our delicious threesome fantasy come true, right? So why does the hunt for this spectacular creature, this unicorn of our dreams have to be so stressful and time consuming? It doesn’t. It may have been up to this point, but no more. Are you tired of lowering your standards and settling for any unicorn you can find? I’ll show you how to find a threesome partner