Info For Unicorns

Guide To Successful Arrangements

3some Arrangement dating has made the social scene infinitely more effective for women who possess a strong sense of self and a clear vision of the lifestyle they want to lead. For the Unicorns who know how the 3some Arrangement scene works, have at it ladies. For the new Unicorns who are sticking their perfectly pedied toe in the water for the first time, take a few minutes to get acquainted with the do’s and don’ts


What is a 3Some Arrangement?

Arranged relationships are the most successful because they are grounded in reality; the Couple and the Unicorn spell out what they need to make her life better. If what the Couple can provide is in sync with what the Unicorn requires, the arrangement works. There is simply no better platform for a relationship than one comprised of trust, communication and honesty. Successful Couples who know what they want out of life don’t have time to